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Margaret mutunga; Female Kenyan Gospel Singer Reportedly Passes On.

Rip bi mutunga

In short the
Was reported dead on 29th of March confirmed by her husband

; “My late wife was complaining of
headaches and she was also saying that
her neck was also in pain. That was
when we saw it best to take her to the
hospital ,” said Mutunga.

On Tuesday, the appointment that we
had was scheduled for 1PM but my late
wife started feeling unwell and she could
no longer handle the pain. That is when I
decided to communicate to the doctors
at Nairobi Hospital to notify them that
we were on our way coming ,”
“The doctor did not tell us what the
cause of her death was. However, her
blood pressure was said to be high but
the doctors had controlled it early
enough,” added Mutunga.

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