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Audio | Ruth Wamuyu - Ngai Murathimi | lyrics | video | Download mp3

Ruth Wamuyu - Ngai Murathimi

This song is a prayer I wrote after reading - Ecclesiastes 2:24 "A person can do nothing better than to eat and drink and find satisfaction in their own toil. This too, I see, is from the hand of God". I concluded that having a Family, Career, Life, Ministry etc. is God's blessing. Moreover, the greatest blessing is to enjoy and be happy in these blessings.

Now you can Download "NGAI MURATHIMI" at Kshs 50 on your phone by following the instruction below.

1. Go to Paybill on your Safaricom Line.
 2. Business Number: 830418 
3. Account Number: RUT729 
4. Amount: 50 shillings

Song: Ngai Murathimi 
Artist: Ruth Wamuyu
 Skiza Code: 71810694 
Audio: Gitonga (Dede Records) 
Director: Sammy Dee
 Production: True D Pictures


Ngai Murathimi wirathimagira uria ukwenda
 Na gutiri ungikuria kiuria watua kurathima 
Ungiharurukia gutiri ungikuria kiuria
 Ngai murathimi ndathima O ringi


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